How to Find the Perfect Balance Between Work and Life When Working from Home

Stick To A Strict Work Schedule

Even though you’re at home, you still need to make sure you’re working within a specified period of the day and only that period. It may not necessarily be from 9 AM to 5 PM, and if you’re a morning person or a late-night person, you might even be working at odd hours. But you need to set limits so that you aren’t overworked, which can happen even at home. Time limits also help you maximize production during your work hours.

Set Aside A Room Or Area Of Your Home As A Workspace

You probably won’t be very productive if you just crash on the couch and try working from there. You should set up your work station in a room with windows and good lighting, and use a desk or table and comfortable chair that will allow you to sit with good posture. If you live with a spouse, children, or other roommates, you’ll want to make sure you have a private room or at least a way to quarter off a section of your home.

When You Take Breaks Or End Work, Turn Off Devices

It’s a small thing, but actually turning off your computer or tablet helps you disconnect from work for breaks as well as ending your workday. Even when you take a break for lunch, you should turn off your device and make sure you get a proper meal. Maybe even use a little extra time to go for a walk or do some meditating. Turning off the device lets you attend to your family or get other things done around the house once your workday is over, and it’s good to unplug for at least several hours before you go checking social media or watching streaming services.



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